LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – The Jakku Job (Side Mission) Guide

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The Jakku Job is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Jakku.

This mission will involve stealing some treasure

QUEST: The Jakku Job
LOCATION: Jakku – Niima Outpost (Hangar Wreckage)

To begin this side mission you will have to travel to Jakku and to the Hangar Wreckage, here we can find Bala-Tik.

Speaking to Bala-Tik we will learn that a team going by the name of Kanjiklub has some treasure that Bala-Tik is interested in. We will now be tasked with getting this treasure for him.

If you head to the Niima Outpost and to the vendors we should be able to find one of the members of this Kanjiklub. Speaking to them will let us know that this treasure we seek can be found out in the desert.

Report our current progress to Bala-Tik and they will all storm off to go and find this treasure. Our next destination is Niima Canyon

At Niima Canyon speak with Bala-Tik for a scene where the team will start digging for the treasure, only to then get spotted by the Kanjiklub.

We will now have to eliminate the Kanjiklub members. After doing so speak with Bala-Tik once again to complete the mission.

Bala-Tik will now be available to unlock for 35,000 Studs


  • Ask the Kanjiklub about their treasure for Bala-Tik
  • Speak to Bala-Tik
  • Follow the Guavian Security Soldiers to the treasure’s location
  • Speak to Bala-Tik
  • Defend the Guavian Security Soldiers from Kanjiklub!
  • Speak to Bala-Tik to continue the excavation
  • Speak to Bala-Tik


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