LEGO Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga – Wupiupi Whoopee (Side Mission) Guide

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Wupiupi Whoopee is one of the many available optional side missions. It can be found and collected whilst on the planet Tatooine.

This mission will involve going and collecting debts

QUEST: Wupiupi Whoopee
LOCATION: Tatooine – Mos Espa (Watto’s Shop)

Head to Watto’s Shop and speak with Watto to learn more about the mission.

It seems that Watto is awaiting for people to pay off their debts, which they have yet to do. He now wants us to go and collect these debts for him. debts in which he calls, Wupiupi

We need to collect a total of 10 Wupiupi altogether, and we can begin our debt collecting by heading to the planet Takodana.

TAKODANA – Whilst on Takodana make your way to the rooftop of Maz’s Castle in order to find a woman (Defiant Deadbeat). Turns out she is not happy about paying off her debt and so we will have to fight for it. (4/10 Wupiupi)

JAKKU – Make your way to Tuanul Village and enter Keycard Kid’s Hut to find this next deadbeat. Seems the money is missing, lets try searching the building for it. We can actually find a datapad in here that will give us a huge hint as to where the money has been hidden.

”Dear Diary… Burying that money behind the house under all that junk was a stroke of genius. Now I’ll never have to pay it back! I’m so smart. And pretty. And… ”

With this datapad we now know that the money has been hidden behind the house, under the junk. (7/10 Wupiupi)

CORUSCANT – Head to the Federal District and make your way to Senate View. Here we can find a red (locked) door, upon inspecting this door a ‘deadbeat’ will then answer. Unfortunately they know we are here for the money and due to this refuses to open up.

The only way to open the door is by using the computer terminal on the right, just around the corner. Use C-3P0 to access this terminal and begin controlling the droid.

This droid (Pitsy) will look exactly like the one the deadbeat is waiting for. This will allow us to get through the door (10/10 Wupiupi)

With all of the debts now having been collected we can report back to Watto to complete the mission.

We can now unlock Watto for 100,000 Studs


  • Recover Watto’s money from the ”deadbeats”
  • Deliver the money to Watto in Mos Espa


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