Life Is Strange: True Colors – Jukebox Steph (Chapter 1 – Side A) Music Puzzle Guide

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Whilst you continue through Life Is Strange: True Colors and more specifically Chapter 1 – Side A, you will be instructed to speak to Steph as part of your errands for Jed.

This puzzle will then present itself, it will task you with having to guess the correct music album from the Jukebox. Thankfully we can get clues from Steph as to what the correct album may be, BUT as there are so many albums it can still pose a bit tricky to get right.

So here is the correct choice..

  • CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Side A
  • LOCATION: Jed’s Bar (Black Lantern)
  • After the confrontation involving Mac we will then be able to meet up with Jed, the owner of the Black Lantern
  • Here he will task us with having to speak to his customers, since he assumes and has been told that we have experience working in a bar.
  • One of these tasks is to speak to Steph, so let us go and talk to her
  • We will then be prompted to ask her a few questions. However, for the purpose of this guide we will want to ask her about her drink (Is that your shot?)
  • This will lead to a Jukebox mini game puzzle, where we will need to guess the correct music album. The loser of which will then have to take a shot of drink (Bedazzled Kiwi Schnapps)
  • Thankfully we will get the chance to ask a total of 5 different questions, which will act as hints as to what the correct album may be
  • As the hints can sometimes be quite vague, it can still be rather difficult to guess the correct answer. However, the album that you are looking for is ”Kiss Up and Shut Me”, which is number 11


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