MADiSON – Padlock Well (How To Open – Basement) Puzzle Guide

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MADiSON has many puzzles for players to solve, one of which involves a well and several padlocks. These padlocks will be blocking any access to the actual well itself. We need to change this.

If we manage to remove the padlocks we will then gain access to the ladders that lead down into the well. This will then take us even further down into the underground area, where we can then find a radio and progress on with the game.

This well and set of padlocks can be found at the basement of Grandpa’s house, after heading through the red door. However, before we can try to remove these padlocks we will be required to solve the necessary puzzle.

After entering through the red basement door and coming across the well, it will seem as though we have just entered what looks like a crime scene. There are yellow police banners everywhere, cones, and let us not forget the creepy placement of candles spread out throughout the room.

If you try to inspect the padlocks that are attached to the well Madison will seem to recognize the symbols that are on these padlocks.

Head to the kitchen and dining room and make your way into the storage room. Here inspect the wall to find a strange symbol.

Take a picture of this strange symbol as it is going to help us solve the padlock puzzle. (Note: The padlock puzzle is actually random, meaning you will have to take a picture of this yourself in order to make sure you get the correct solution for your game)

By taking a picture of the strange symbol we will now be given the correct code and numbers that will then need to be inserted into the various padlocks.

So now that we have the answer to the puzzle we will now want to return to the well. Set the padlocks to the correct code as shown in your picture that you now have.

Once you have successfully set the correct code into the various padlocks be sure to take a picture of the well and this should then complete the puzzle and allow us to progress on


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