Marvel’s Avengers : Alone Against AIM (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock whilst playing Marvel’s Avengers, two of which are Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Prized Collection requires players to collect a full comic set, whilst Information Overload requires players to collect 50 intelligence files.

Thus in order to get these trophy achievements you are going to have to keep a sharp eye on them as you explore your surroundings, thankfully we can always help you out with that too.

Anyway lets begin..

For the purpose of this specific guide, we will only be focusing on the collectibles that can be found whilst on the Alone Against AIM mission. In this mission there is a total of 14 different collectibles that you can find and collect. A lot of these collectibles are actually story related, however there are still one or two which are not and thus can be missable


Continue along the dark road here and at the first fork in the actual road, head left to see an AIM stand

Head inside the room here in order to find the first chest


Just behind the AIM truck here will be the next one, this area is located slightly North West from the last chest


Just outside the nearby ASH HOTEL MANHATTAN will be our next chest


From the last collectible continue on along the road and when you see the tall tower in front of you turn left. The next chest is here sitting on a roof


Heading through the Emergency Alert System continue on along the path until you reach the Karaoke place. Sitting next to the Karaoke sign will be the next chest.


Return to the last chest (Hardened Chest 4/12) and unlike last time when we just continue on along the path to then meet up with the Karaoke, well this time we want to take the first left turn here through the buildings


The next chest can be found on top of the Helicopter Pad here


To the left of the last chest if you continue on you should come across another Helicopter Pad, the next chest is just next to it.


Inside the AIM facility here there will be another chest to the left of the entrance

#10 – HARDENED CHEST 10/14

In this room if you head left into the next room.

You should see another one of these machines (marked above) if you have yet to encounter these or simply cannot remember them, then you need to attack them until they change colour, they go from orange to blue

Another one can be found just above the last one and another one just next to that one, they all need to change to blue.

After that head on back out and turn right down the corridor here, another machine that needs a colour change can be found to the right down the next path (this one will go green, you will know if you cannot hit it any more as you will simply do nothing to it)

If you return back to the other side of this huge room now, you should notice that the once locked door is now indeed open. Go and reap your rewards!

#11 – HARDENED CHEST 11,12/14

After getting Hardened Chest 10/14 fly on up to the room above which had two of the colour changing machines that you needed to hit, in here there will be a locked door with a terminal next to it, go ahead and activate this terminal to open the door.

Inside the next room will be at least 2 more Hardened Chests to find and open

#12 – HARDENED CHEST 13/14

Follow the mission objective and keep following it but head left when the side of the wall reads LOT 2208 02

Just behind this LOT 2208 wall will be our next chest

#13 – HARDENED CHEST 14/14

Head right to the other side of this location in order to find a room with the words LAB 1D written above it

Our final chest will be located inside this LAB 1D room (as seen above)


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