Marvel’s Avengers : Condition – Green (All Collectibles – Comics, Intelligence) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock whilst playing Marvel’s Avengers, two of which are Prized Collection and Information Overload.

Prized Collection requires players to collect a full comic set, whilst Information Overload requires players to collect 50 intelligence files.

Thus in order to get these trophy achievements you are going to have to keep a sharp eye on them as you explore your surroundings, thankfully we can always help you out with that too.

Anyway lets begin..

For the purpose of this specific guide, we will only be focusing on the collectibles that can be found whilst on the Condition – Green mission. In this mission there is a total of different collectibles that you can find and collect. A lot of these collectibles are actually story related, however there are still one or two which are not and thus can be missable


From the image above fly and head left, you will be going in the opposite direction of the actual mission objective

You may need to hit the green light here in order to obtain the next chest

The chest can be found in the room next to the green light


From the last chest head left until you find the enemy hideout

On the enemy structure here there will be a yellow light (as seen in the image above), using Iron Man blast it one so that it turns from yellow to green

The door down here will then open, so fly on down. The next chest is inside here


For this next one we need to enter the AIM building here (shown above)

The chest can be located just inside the building here


Heading North and away from the AIM building, eventually on the left we will encounter another AIM building

We now need to destroy the 2 Turrets here and the machines under them (as seen in the image above)

Then above this door will be 2 more machines that need destroying, do so.

The door that the Turrets where protecting will then open and beyond that door will be the next chest

#5 – BONUS TASK 1/2

In this same building there will be a man that you can rescue, he can be found in the room directly above the room with the previous chest. Just head up the steps and turn right


At another heavily armored enemy base

Fly under the bridge here and keep right until you find a compartment that you can fly into (as seen above)

Continue on and the next chest will be on the next platform in front of you


Heading inside yet another AIM base you will now want to activate the computer terminal which in turn will activate the lift. Ride the lift down.

You will now need to activate the machine once again (the same ones that you activated earlier near the bonus objective and enemy Turrets) You will find one here at the end of the path that you exit the lift out onto

The next one can be found in the next room and cutting North through the room, next to the Hazardous Suits

The third one can be found in the room opposite the last machine that you activated and near yet more suits. After activating that one you will want to continue on along the only path that you have yet to follow

Another machine that you can activate will be found in here

After doing all of that you can then head back but keep to the right in order to find a set of open yellow doors, the chest is beyond here


Head back to the machine that you activated earlier in order to open the yellow doors. Now if you look to the left you should notice a door that you can break open, do so.

Smashing this door open will let you gain access to a man that you can rescue


Head to the area in the image above and then keep following the mission marker until you reach the room in the second image above. It is here where you can find the next and final chest


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