(MHOJ2) My Hero One’s Justice 2 : Strong Bond (Trophy Achievement) Plus Ultra With A Certain Team Guide

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One of the many trophies / achievements that you can unlock within My Hero One’s Justice 2 is Strong Bonds.
Strong Bonds requires you to connect a Plus Ultra attack using a certain team. Now there are a few different teams that can be used in order to obtain it but you only need to use one of these teams.

The teams are dependent on the characters that have the strongest bond within the story, so if you are paying attention to the story this one shouldn’t be too difficult to work out.

Anyway the video below showcases a few of the required teams, there may be more but after a few hours of trying to form teams and none of them working this is the end result that we personally came up with. (May not be all of them, if you come across any that we missed out feel free to use the comments section)

​Once you have the correct team formed, keep smacking your opponent until you reach 3 Bars then use a Plus Ultra All attack (R1+Triangle+Circle) (PS4) (make sure your team mates are ready!)

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