(MHW) Monster Hunter World – Iceborne : First Ride (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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For the first time in Monster Hunter World you can now ride the monsters, back in the base game only your Palico could ride the tamed monsters. However, now you can too and here is how!

It is quite straight forward actually, first you will want to travel to your room in the new base and talk to your Palico, going to your room may not be an objective but you will need to talk to your cute little companion and going to the room was where I triggered it.
Your Palico will tell you that you can ride any Monster you may have tamed in the past, as in the base game. If you need a guide on how to tame Monsters, then I have included a guide on that below.

From there you will get a tutorial as to how to ride them, you can only ride them out in the field and the option to do so will appear in your Items section. Simply hover to this said icon and press the corresponding button to make the monster appear, hit Circle (if you are on PS4) to ride it.

The Monster can now follow the Glowflies to a specific monster if you are tracking one, you can also pick up any materials you come across. To disembark simply hit the Triangle button (again if you are on PS4) 

​A basic video guide is also included below. Ride em cowboy!



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