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One of the optional side quests within Monster Hunter World Iceborne is the Research Requests. This requires you to take photos of different Palico moggies doing all sorts of different things, one of which is ordering a group of their own.

Each quest comes with its own requirements and there are 20 in total, some of which are locked out until you perform certain requirements. 

In order to activate this you need to firstly speak to the Lyrian Researcher in Seliana, he will tell you about the research and will also give you a Surveyor Set, which is used to take photos of the moggies doing whatever it is they do. 

Once you think you have a good enough photo you will need to return to the Researcher in order to hand it in he can be a pain at times, I now like to call him ‘Awkward Blighter’ as he has some serious issues with perfection. You will probably learn of this too if you intend to go for the Gold Rewards.
Gold Rewards however are not mandatory and you can simply pass with a mere Bronze if you so wish to. However, my guides are focused on getting that perfect shot and claiming the all mighty Gold.


Capture as large as possible = Means mainly just capture the moggy, not the environment. The more of the moggy you get and less of everything else the better basically.
1 Subject: Front = The moggy needs to be facing the camera.

REQUEST 6) Grimalkyne Out Of The Bag

​* Capture as large as possible
* 1 Subject: Front
* Surprised by an unexpected Palico

First Wyverian Print 
SILVER: Advanced Sphere
BRONZE: 400 points

This one requires you to scare one of the Grimlkayne, to do this first recruit one of them. Then head back to camp, it does not matter which campsite you go to as long as the Grimalkyne is following you.
Then stand near the bag that each camp has, it will have random stuff in and is not interact-able at least for us players it is not. However, for your Palico it is and thus hopefully the Palico will start digging through the bag and the on-looking Grimalkyne will get interested in this random searching, when the Palico is finished the Grimalkyne will then have a cute little surprised face and this is the time to snap a photo.

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