(MHW) Monster Hunter World – Iceborne : How To Get Dodogama Costume (Poogie) Guide

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Poogie is the love able pet Pig that resides within Astera. Though the Pig is not a big part of the game itself, it does feature as a nice little buddy that you can expect to see every time you return to town.

You can rename it (he or she), pick it up, pet it and even make it wear lovely little costumes. Below is a guide on how to obtain the Dodogama costume for your squealing friend.

Dodogama is of course a monster within the game that often resides within the Elder’s Recess. Though, not exactly a strong and powerful monster unlike some the Dodogama is still not to be messed with, with the ability to spit out fire and roll on top of you until your as flat as a pancake. 

Now, though this one took me by complete surprise when I managed to obtain this one. I am quite sure that it is only available if you have the Iceborne expansion.

Your first trip is of course to head for Astera of which you can only find Poogie here. Hopefully and a quick word of warning this can be random pot luck, however if you are lucky your pet piggy will appear and be agitated. 
The pigs agitation means that it has spotted an item, however he will not get agitated until you actually pick him up. When you reach a hidden item, the little oinker will then start to get all fidgety in your arms and your controller (PS4) will start to vibrate. 

When this happens stop and drop the piggy to let it know that you have detected the item too and it will now run over and dig for that hidden item. You can then interactive with it to receive said item. 
This of course is already a known feature within the base game but just in case you need a quick reminder there you go.

Now to get the actual item you are here for, the Dodogama costume. 
Isn’t he cute? Okay lets start. Your now in Astera or at least should be. Now you want to be at the Tradeyard area which is practically the ground floor.
Now near the Quest Board there will be a moving platform right behind the Research Center, the item you seek in at the left side of this said platform. Walk around it whilst holding your squealing friend until the controller vibrates, then drop the piggy to get the item. All done!

If your struggling to change the costume it will automatically appear after you chose to interactive with the little oinker, just simply select it.

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