(MK11) Mortal Kombat 11 : Raiden Krushing Blow Attacks (All On Shao Kahn)

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As a massive fan of the character Raiden, I couldn’t help but want to create a video of as many (if not all) Krushing Blow attacks and because I could and mainly because he is always a thorn I decided to do these attacks against one individual, Shao Kahn.

This guide was also created before any downloadable content was released, it was merely transferred over from my old website with a few edits made. So yes I’m not exactly sure what else to say on this subject, other than Raiden is the best and eat Lightning Shao Kahn! You can also check out my all Fatalities against Shao Kahn guide/video here

1) Down & Triangle – This also works whilst foe is in air
2) Back & Triangle – You need to perform this one twice for it to work
3) Forward Throw – Foe needs to escape a throw before you can pull this one off
4) Square, Triangle, Square – This one needs to land as a Punish
5) Back, Forward, X, R1 – Need to Amplify Electric Fly and perform from a long distance
6) Back, Forward, X (Hold) – Must land as a Kounter or Punish. Hold X to charge the attack

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