New Pokemon Snap : A Sunlit Cave (Chinchou) Request Guide

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New Pokemon Snap has many different requests known as LenTalk Requests, this particular request sees you taking photos of Chinchou

The requirement for this specific photo is to get a photo of Chinchou all gathered together

  • POKEMON: Chinchou
  • REQUIREMENT: Take a photo of Chinchou gathered around the Crystabloom
  • LOCATION: Lental Seafloor
  • QUEST GIVER: Professor Mirror
  • DESCRIPTION: This area just feels…different somehow. I just can’t shake this feeling that something is going to happen!
  • REQUIREMENT: Research Level 2
  • Head through the alternative route into the undersea ruins
  • As soon as you enter the undersea ruins you should notice the Chinchou
  • Here look for the Chinchou that is moving directly forward (it will be the only one doing this) and it will appear closest to the bottom
  • When you find this specific Chinchou be sure to aim and hit it with an Illumina Orb
  • Now you want to slowly follow the Chinchou, don’t boost and scare it just take it slow
  • When you reach the Crystabloom at the end you should notice a bunch of Chinchou all gathered together
  • Take a photo of the Chinchou gathered around this Crystabloom


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