New Pokemon Snap : Inkay By Moonlight (Inkay) Request Guide

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New Pokemon Snap has many different requests known as LenTalk Requests, this particular request sees you taking photos of Inkay

The requirement for this specific photo is to get a photo of Inkay jumping out of the water

  • POKEMON: Inkay
  • REQUIREMENT: Take a photo of Inkay jumping out of the water
  • LOCATION: Blushing Beach (Night)
  • DESCRIPTION: Heh heh! Pretty good shot, huh? I saw even more Inkay out there, too, so I bet I could get a group shot of ’em
  • REQUIREMENT: Research Level 1, Complete a single beach expedition (Night)
  • As you start the course you should notice a bunch of Inkay on the beach shore, throw a few Fluffruit towards them. We need them to eat the apples
  • As the course continues you will notice another Inkay to the right, again throw some apples and make sure it eats
  • We need to feed as many Inkay as possible! So whenever you see one make sure to throw them some apples!
  • We should end up with a total of 5 Inkay following and ready for the next step!
  • Near the end of the course the Inkay will try to charge off in front, at this point use apples and get them to gather together
  • When the Inkay are all together begin playing the Melody Player
  • The Melody Player will cause the Inkay to jump out of the water and perform a small trick
  • Take a photo of the Inkay jumping out of the water


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