New Pokemon Snap : Livening Up The Flowers (Florges) Request Guide

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New Pokemon Snap has many different requests known as LenTalk Requests, this particular request sees you taking photos of Florges

The requirement for this specific photo is to get a photo of Florges emitting a green glow

  • POKEMON: Florges
  • REQUIREMENT: Take a photo of Florges as it emits a green glow
  • LOCATION: Florio Nature Park (Day)
  • QUEST GIVER: Professor Mirror
  • DESCRIPTION: Sometimes Florges seems to gather natural power from its surroundings. Would you mind getting a photograph of this striking behavior?
  • REQUIREMENT: Complete the first Illumina Spot
  • As you enter the flower field you should be able to spot a Florges in amongst the flowers
  • You will need to use Illumina Orbs in order to throw them at Florges
  • When ready take your photos!


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