NieR Replicant Ver. Remake (2021) : Apology From A Fool (Side Quest) Guide

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The Apology From A Fool is one of the many different side quests that you can find and complete within NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Remake 2021

There is a total of 70 different side quests in total and they can be found in various different regions as well as sections of the game.

The Apology From A Fool side quest involves trying to fix a relationship

  • SIDE QUEST: Apology From A Fool
  • REGION: Facade
  • STORY SECTION: First Section
  • CLIENT: Strange-Thing Shop Keeper
  • REWARDS: 20000 Gold
  • REQUIREMENTS: Return from Barren Temple (Story Related)
  • After speaking with the Strange-Thing Shop Keeper you will learn that he was cheating on his wife and ended up being kicked out, serves him right I suppose ha!
  • Due to this he now wants to be forgiven and intends to give her a present as a way of an apology
  • We will now be tasked with finding x10 Wolf Hides
  • WOLF HIDES – You can easily get these by defeating the wolves hanging about the Facade desert
  • With the wolves hides in our possession you can then report back to the Strange-Thing Shop Keeper.
  • Turns out he is afraid to speak to her now after having something thrown at him, hmm. Okay well lets go and find her then
  • You can find the wife literally on the platform just above the shop, turns out she is in a forgiving mood.
  • Return back to the shop in order to end the quest


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