NieR Replicant Ver. Remake (2021) : The Ballad Of The Twins (Side Quest) Guide

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The The Ballad Of The Twins is one of the many different side quests that you can find and complete within NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Remake 2021

There is a total of 70 different side quests in total and they can be found in various different regions as well as sections of the game.

The The Ballad Of The Twins side quest involves trying to get both Devola and Popola to sing

  • SIDE QUEST: The Ballad Of The Twins
  • REGION: Village
  • STORY SECTION: First Section
  • CLIENT: Villager
  • REWARDS: Different Tavern Music (Song of the Ancients)
  • Head into the Tavern in order to speak to the villager sitting on a stool
  • He will mention that both Devola and Popola are singers and that they used to frequent the tavern quite a bit
  • Devola is already in the tavern so go ahead and speak to her and you can find Popola at the Library
  • After speaking to them both, you will learn what it takes to make them both sing once again. Popola will mention a special drink that can be got from Seafront
  • So head to the Seafront tavern and speak to the Tavern Keeper, you will now learn of the ingredients needed to make the special drink x5 lizard tails and x5 mouse tails
  • LIZARD TAILS: Eastern Road. The lizards tend to run around so keep an eye out for them
  • MOUSE TAILS: Northern Plains (Junk Heap). Just like the lizards they often run around the area so keep an eye out
  • After obtaining the ingredients return back to the Seafront tavern.
  • After speaking to the Tavern Keeper go ahead and speak to Popola once again.
  • The music within the Tavern will now change and the quest will end


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