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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Art Lover, which is part of the Monday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

This can be collected on Monday and completed and done on Tuesday

DAY: Monday

You can find this job to the east section of the map and by speaking to a woman inside the Exhibit building.

Turns out this job requires finding and collecting a set of paintings, known as the Royal Collection, which are now apparently in the hands of private collectors. You can find them by keeping an eye on the picture frames, the ones we need have purple frames.

There are 13 pictures to find altogether


This one can be found inside a caravan, it is on the bedroom wall.

(Various Flowers In Bloom)


This one is inside a caravan by the road. The picture is on the wall by the door.

(If You Experience Square Balls, Consult Your Doctor ASAP)


This one is inside a caravan by a parked vehicle. The picture is inside the bedroom

(A Corpse Flower In Its Infinite Beauty)


This one is inside the caravan by a tree. The picture is inside the bedroom

(Ban Art Galleries Now!)


This one is in a caravan that can be found in a section with a wooden wall around it. The caravan has some kind of doll on its rooftop.

The picture itself can be found in the bedroom.

(Ironically, The Value Of This Painting Increased After It Was Defaced)


You can find this next one at the Inn building.

Head to the top floor of the building and one of these rooms will have boxes and crates inside, use these to reach the ceiling area. Basically the attic.

Follow the attic to reach the picture

(Taking ‘Pearl Necklace’ To A Whole New Level)


This one can be found at a property with a parked red vehicle. The painting can be located inside the bedroom

(A Nice Relaxing Smoke On A Health Pipe)


This one can be found at the Antiques building. The painting is in the upstairs office

(Public Servants Collecting A Bountiful Harvest)


This one is located inside a purple looking bungalow property, which has a boarded up door. In order to get inside, there will be a side door that also looks boarded up. Just kick this door down.

You will notice this picture by the oil cans

(Looking At This Makes You Want To Go To The Bathroom)


This one is inside a property with bushes outside. The painting can be found and located upstairs, by the desk.

(Depiction Of The Birth Of A Beauty)


This one can be found inside a white building with a sign in front of it alongside a red mail box.

The painting itself can be found on the staircase.

(A Pair Of Colourful Macaws)


This one is located inside a building with an outdoor paddling pool or hot tub. You will find the picture by the stairs

(Pineapple On Pizza?!)


This final one can be found in the building just south of the ‘Shocker’ painting location. It is inside a building with a small fence around it.

The painting is in the dining area

(You Feel Like You Understand Law Officers A Bit Better Now)

With all 13 paintings we can then report back to the Exhibit building (Shady Art Dealer). Our collected picture paintings will now appear on the Exhibit walls.


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