Postal 4 : No Regrets – Tag Turf (Tuesday Tasks) Guide

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In Postal 4: No Regrets you will be given several different tasks, basically ‘To-Do Tasks’ that must be completed in order to progress on with the game. You will be given different tasks as each day passes and a new day begins.

One of the tasks is to Tag Turf, which is part of the Tuesday ‘To-Do Tasks’.

DAY: Tuesday

To the south west of the map you can pick up the Tag Turf job, this job requires you to spray paint over the various billboards.

Once you have arrived and notice the billboard, the Oscuros Radio Guy will get in contact with you and explain that he wants to rile up the gangs. We can do this by spray painting their turf, basically the billboards

So climb on up to this billboard and spray paint it and a scene should then trigger. This will result in us having to fight off the gang members

After you are finished dealing with these gang members it is then time to find and spray paint the other remaining billboards

Note: It does not matter what you write on these billboards as long as they have been spray painted


The next billboard will be located just a little north of the first billboard, near the Goodhead Saloon.


This one can be found and located around the back of the Goodhead Saloon.


This one is located just up the steps alongside the wall.


This one you can find at the train station area.


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