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One of the many Trophies / Achievements in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is the ‘Marco Dragic’ (Artificial Intelligence) one. Which requires you to complete two separate quests one of which is only doable during a specific weather condition. 

To begin this quest you will firstly need to of reached Chapter 4. Whilst in Chapter 4 you then need to head for Saint Denis.
Now for the important part, most if not all of the quests that are required for the Achievement is the condition of the Weather.
For example to start the first part of the mission, it will only activate during the DAY time, meaning if its currently nightfall it will not activate.
So head for Saint Denis and then to the pond/lake area which should be indicated on your Map.

As you can see there is a Stranger Mission that has activated, this is the one you want. So, head there and you will meet Marco Dragic.
He will want you to take part in a Battleships type minigame.

After that the next Weather condition you will want is for it to be NIGHTFALL and THUNDERING, so keep resting at Camp until this is the case.
Once you have the correct Weather condition, you will now want to head North of the Map, towards the Legendary Animals section.
It is the Stranger Mission at ‘Doverhill’ near ‘Brandywine Drop’, you can enter from the back of the building.
Once inside Marco will want you to participate in some experiments of his, it will end up feeling a lot like a Frankenstein episode.

Basically just do as Marko instructs in order to achieve this one. After which your next task will be to leave the area altogether and rest a few days as the next part will not activate for a while.

After a couple of hours of doing another activity, once again check your Map and there should be a ‘Weapon’ marker on the Map at Doverhill.
If so, head back to Marko’s Lab and you will find the poor unfortunate Scientist has met his demise at the hands of his creation, the item you want is by his helpless body. The Trophy / Achievement should also pop at this point too.

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