(RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : Locked & Loaded (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here you will find a guide on how to achieve the Locked & Loaded Trophy / Achievement. This has to be one of the most easiest Trophies / Achievements to unlock in any gamer, EVER! However, for those unsure on how to unlock it, here is a quick and simple guide…

Okay unlike a lot of the quests and activities in Red Dead Redemption 2, this one thankfully isn’t exactly missable.
It is also a really easy task to complete too, first off start by heading to any Blacksmith Weapons dealer in any Town, it really does not matter which.
This can also be obtainable from as early as Chapter 2, as long as you have the fund for it, it does not cost much anyway.

After that start by customizing / upgrading everything on your Cattleman Revolver, after upgrading that the Trophy / Achievement should then pop! How easy and simple was that?

​Here is a video guide just in case your still having issues..

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