(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Block Puzzle (Sherry) Guide

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There are many different puzzles for you to solve within the Resident Evil 2 Remake, some of which are featured in both scenarios (Leon and Claire). Whilst others may only feature during the one scenario.

Please note some of these puzzles have a habbit of being random. However, they all require a similar procedure in order to be solved


LOCATION: Orphanage
REWARD: Scissors
STORY SCENARIO: 1st run (Though you will also encounter this puzzle during the 2nd run too, but the video below was completed on the 1st run)

As you get control of Sherry for the first and only time, you will find yourself in an Orphanage with a Block puzzle.

In order to solve this one you need to first pick up the doll in the room and examine it to find the other missing block piece.
Insert this piece into the block puzzle to begin.

The aim of the game is to rotate and switch the block pieces (Please note that this one is actually random BUT the same method of solving it applies)

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