(RE2) Resident Evil 2 Remake : Complete Vermin Extermination (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we guide you on how to unlock the ‘Complete Vermin Extermination’ Trophy / Achievement which requires you to hunt down and defeat all Mr Raccoons. Below is a list of locations to each one!
You will need to get them all on both Leon & Claire’s story segment in order to achieve this one! For getting all 18 Mr Raccon collectibles you will unlock the infinite durability combat Knife

​There are a total of 10 in Claire’s segment and below is a video showing where each one is..


Raccoon 1 – STARS Office on the desk next to the computer hiding behind boxes
Raccoon 2 – Firing Range. On the floor.
Raccoon 3 – Just outside of Chief Iron’s room on a table
Raccoon 4 – In the room joined to the East Storage Room. Amongst the boxes on the shelf
Raccoon 5 – In the hallway joined onto the Clocktower
Raccoon 6 – In the Bus by the Basketball Court
Raccoon 7 – In the Orphanage amongst the book case. In the room where you where hiding as Sherry
Raccoon 8 – As you are looking for the ‘Rook Plug’ you will enter the bottom Waterway. Its on the floor in the next room. BEFORE the Supply Storage Room
Raccoon 9 – At the Caffeteria when you are investigating the Lab. It is on the table
Raccoon 10 – On your return visit to the ‘Nap Room’ whilst in the Lab and you have to destroy Plant 43. Upon inserting the device the beds behind you unlock. A Raccoon is hiding in one of them



Raccoon 1 – Refer to Claire’s section. It is in the same location.
Raccoon 2 – Refer to Claire’s section. It is in the same location.
Raccoon 3 – Refer to Claire’s section. It is in the same location.
Raccoon 4 – Break Room. By The bed on the floor behind a box
Raccoon 5 – West Office 1F. On the top shelf hiding
Raccoon 6 – After the Alligator chase and before heading up the ladder with Ada. It is just north of you.
Raccoon 7 – As Ada before going into the Boiler room to fetch the Bracelet, it is to the right of the door
Raccoon 8 – For this one it is at the start of the game before you enter the gate where you have the Leon/Claire cutscene. Note: You need to be on the 2nd run for this one

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