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There are many different puzzles for you to solve within the Resident Evil 2 Remake, some of which are featured in both scenarios (Leon and Claire). Whilst others may only feature during the one scenario.

Please note some of these puzzles have a habbit of being random. However, they all require a similar procedure in order to be solved


LOCATION: Clock Tower & East Room Storage
REWARD: Power Panels 
STORY SCENARIO: Both 1st & 2nd run

​Okay as you progress the story you will notice that you need x2 Power Panels.
Now the first one is easy, from the Chief’s Office make your way to the ‘East Room Storage’ which is near the Balcony. The first Power Panel sites in a box on the table.

Now the second one is more trickier as you need to solve a puzzle, which can be accessed via the ‘Library’.
Again from Chief Iron’s room head to the ‘Blacony’ and outside, here use the steps to get to the very bottom where you will be greeted by 2 Zombies, use the lever nearby to change it from ‘L to R’ and head back up to the burning Helicopter and use the lever next to that to get rid of the fire, head inside the building to be greeted by the Tyrant, who will now stalk you like a fly to horse poop, you cannot kill him so do not try. Track back to the ‘Library’ and using the Book Shelves form a path above so that you can cross and go through the door.

The ‘Clock Tower’ is on the same side you find yourself on and the door to the right. Inside you need to solve a puzzle.
NOTE: Make sure you have the ‘Giant Wheel/Gear’ which you can get from the ‘East Storage Room’

Now place this large Wheel between the two gears nearest the door to unlock a Staircase. Keep hold of this Large Gear and now head up the new Staircase and take the ‘Small Gear’ you find up here and place it in the machine on the floor below furthest from the door. Now place the ‘Large Wheel’ where you originally found the ‘Small Gear’, this will cause the Bell to ring and knock off the final Panel

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