Resident Evil Village – All Safe Locker Locations & Combinations Guide

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Safe Lockers have become a familiar thing in the Resident Evil series and Resident Evil Village is no different.

Safe Lockers are usually hidden and require a special code in order to open them, however once opened they tend to house a nice little reward. Sometimes these rewards include health items, treasures or even ammunition

Below is a quick guide on how to find all of the Safe Lockers and of course how to open them…


  • LOCATION: The Village – Workshop
  • STORY POINT: Find The House With Red Chimney
  • REWARD: M1911, Jack Handle
  • COMBINATION: 070408
  • DETAILS: You can find the combination to the first locker by heading into the building opposite the Workshop. In here you will notice a picture on the table by the door, inspect it. The picture should read Look Out The Window Looking out of the window will give you your Safe Locker code – 070408. Now open the Safe in this room using that code


  • LOCATION: The Village
  • STORY POINT: Collect Rose 2/4
  • REWARD: Steel Hraesvelgr, F2 Rile – High-Capacity Mag
  • COMBINATION: 270917
  • DETAILS: Head into the building close to West Old Town, in here you should notice a picture on the wall. It is a Happy Birthday picture which also shows the safe combination, 270917. This combination will open the large cupboard in the adjoined room.


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