Resident Evil Village – Doll Workshop Puzzle (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Resident Evil Village consists of many different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to continue your adventures, one such puzzle is the Doll Workshop

Doll Workshop is a puzzle that resides in the Doll Workshop Building area and it involves playing with dolls

Below is a quick guide on how to solve this one!

This particular puzzle occurs after collecting 1/4 Rose. You will then come across the Doll Workshop building and thus this puzzle.

You will find yourself playing with a doll laying on the table

  • Okay your first job is to remove the left leg
  • Inside the left leg you should find a Winding Key
  • Now examine the right arm
  • You will mainly want to remove the arm hand from the arm
  • Inside the hand you will see a strange symbol of sorts with 3 indentations, hmmm…
  • You will now want to remove the right arm from the shoulder
  • In doing so you should receive the Silver Key
  • Now examine the doll’s left eye
  • You will notice that you can rotate the eye and it will reveal a particular image
  • Rotate the eye until it is revealing the image
  • Now if you check her other arm or rather hand, you should notice a ring.
  • Try to remove the ring in order to obtain the Blood Covered Ring
  • After doing all of that we can now try to leave the room by heading to the door with a picture of the Silver Key on it
  • Obviously use the Silver Key in order to unlock the door
  • In here use the sink in order to clean the Blood Covered Ring. You will now obtain the Wedding Ring
  • Now return back to the last room, there should be some brown double doors next to the carpet
  • Inspect this door and use the Wedding Ring
  • If you rotate the Wedding Ring a bit you should notice a code on it, the code actually reads 052911
  • Insert the code into the door
  • Follow the corridor down until a door suddenly opens, you want to be inside here
  • Inside the room you will want to inspect the table, here use the Winding Key

After doing all of that you will now unlock the Music Box Puzzle


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