Resident Evil Village – Hall Of Ablution (Puzzle Solution) Guide

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Resident Evil Village consists of many different puzzles that you will need to solve in order to continue your adventures, one such puzzle is the Hall of Ablution.

Hall of Ablution is a puzzle that resides in Dimitrescu’s Castle and it involves rotating several different statues

Below is a quick guide on how to solve this one!

  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Look For Rose In The Castle
  • FLOOR: 2F


  • You will encounter this puzzle inside a small room with a pool and several different statues.
  • Starting with the statue of the men of worshippers you will want to rotate it once to the right
  • The worshippers should now be facing the horseman


  • We will now move onto the horseman, in which you will want to rotate to the right so that it is facing the hooded statue next to it


Make sure the hooded statue and Dimitrescu are also facing each other too, just move them like the other statues if need be

Once all of the statues are facing the correct statue then the trapped door on the floor will open and you can once again progress..


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