Resident Evil Village – Recipe: Sniper Rifle Ammo (Crafting – Artisan) Guide

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There is a total of 11 different crafting recipes to be found and collected throughout Resident Evil Village

They often provide uses such as holding knowledge to crafting certain ammunition for certain weapon types, amongst other such things.. Getting all 11 will net you the trophy achievement Artisan

A lot of the crafting recipes can be purchased from the Merchant through the option ‘Supplies’ or found out in the wilderness

For this specific page we will be covering Recipe: Sniper Rifle Ammo

  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Look For Rose In The Castle
  • LOCATION: Merchant
  • DESCRIPTION: Learn how to make sniper rifle ammo using the CRAFTING menu
  • INFO: When the story objective changes to making you search for Rose in the Castle, you can then purchase this recipe at the Merchant for 4000 Lei. You can also purchase this later in the game too.


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