Saints Row (2022) – Wingsuit Saboteur (Side Hustle) Guide

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The Saints Row (2022) reboot has many available optional side hustle missions that players can unlock and take part in. One of which is Wingsuit Saboteur

The Wingsuit Saboteur is a side hustle that is part of the Old Town East district. It requires players to meet their business associate.

SIDE HUSTLE: Wingsuit Saboteur
DISTRICT: Old Town East
REWARDS: $4000, 1200 XP, Skin Flap Wings

Find and speak with the business associate at the Old Town East and after a rather brief conversation we will automatically find ourselves inside a helicopter.

Our goal now is to destroy the receiver dishes. There are 5 in total and each one can be found and located on the various rooftops.

Deploy the wingsuit and make your way to the rooftops, we will only have 8 minutes in which to complete this mission.

We will need to make sure we aim and land on the rooftops, failure to do this will result in us having to be automatically taken back to the helicopter where we will then need to try again. This is basically a tutorial on how to use the wingsuit. It is also the first wingsuit saboteur side hustle mission within a mission chain.

As we land on the rooftops there will be enemy threats that will be patrolling the required receiver dishes. Eliminate them and then destroy the dishes.

Destroy all of the dishes to complete the mission.


Meet your business associate behind Silver City Jewelry in Old Town.


Enemy Headshot Kills 0/5

Triple-Kill Enemies 0/2

Wingsuit Takedowns 0/8


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