Scarlet Nexus – Brain Drive Training (Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach Phase 1 – Searching For Freedom you will begin unlocking the various different optional side quests. These side quests are often then found on the map and appear as white little diamond shaped icons, once you have them accepted they then appear in the Story category in your menu section

One of the many different optional side quests that you can find and complete is Brain Drive Training. This involves having to Defeat 5 Rainy Rummy whilst using the Brain Drive

  • NAME: Brain Drive Training
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Phase 3 – Fated To Move Upon Awakening
  • CHARACTER: Kasane Randall
  • LOCATION: Suoh City Ryujin Ward
  • QUEST GIVER: OSF Platoon Commander
  • REWARDS: Normalization Tablet x3
  • DESCRIPTION: Any kind of Others can be hard to deal with when they attack in groups. Properly utilizing brain drive in those situations is key for OSF troops
  • You can find the client for this particular side quest over at the Suoh City Ryujin Ward – Main Street
  • Here you can find them at the claw machines by the split in the path, OSF Platoon Commander
  • Apparently the OSF Platoon Commander wants to make sure we learn all we can about the Brain Drive, and thus wants us to train more on specific enemies.
  • We will now be asked to take down 5 Rainy Rummy whilst in Brain Drive mode
  • For the rest of the side quest it will require a bit of strategic thinking, the enemies we need are the Rainy Rummy who can be quite rare if you don’t know where to look for them.
  • On top of that we need to use the Brain Drive which will only occur after a specific requirement has been met, it also triggers automatically and quickly runs out. When it runs out we will leave the Brain Drive mode and we need to kill these Rainy Rummy whilst the Brain Drive is still active. This is why I mentioned strategic thinking is needed for this one, as we need to time everything correctly.
  • Now with all of that said and done the method I took, which perhaps isn’t the best but it did work for me, is to continue to fight enemies until your Brain Drive bar reaches around half full. It is best to grind this part out in the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9. Also, try to avoid the Hirasaka Station Entrance / Exit, I will mention why shortly.
  • Simply defeating enemies as normal will fill the Brain Drive meter at the bottom right of the screen, then when it finally reaches around half full
  • Head to the Hirasaka Station Entrance / Exit. The reason for this is because there are quite a few Rainy Rummy here, and I told you not to venture here until the Brain Drive was filled sufficiently in hopes that you would not kill the enemies here, otherwise that.. well negates this guide. Feel free to do some other strategic thinking for this one though if that is the case, as I said before this is the method that worked for me and might not be the best method overall.
  • Also if you choose to leave the Abandoned Subway: Suoh Line 9 altogether at any time then your Brain Drive will automatically reset itself, so make sure you are ready for that if you wish to leave.
  • Oh and before I forget you can purchase a Electric-Line Proof Barrier from the shop if need be. It kind of helps with the electrical attacks that the Rainy Rummy can inflict, however it isn’t 100% effective. Well the one I bought and used wasn’t at least.
  • Okay moving on now, ignore the first few waves of enemies, don’t even get tempted. We don’t want to waste all of that effort we did grinding for the Brain Drive
  • Continue past the enemies but hey look! These guys are Rainy Rummy! Anyway remember their locations and continue on.
  • Continue on until you reach a more open and larger room, filled with Scummy Pool. Feel free to fight and defeat these, lets continue grinding that Brain Drive!
  • Now once the Scummy Pool have all been dealt with, guess what will pop next! Yes, Rainy Rummy! and a whole bunch of them too
  • Fight these and hopefully we will enter Brain Drive at this point too, meaning anything we kill from here on will count towards the side quest.
  • Remember we have to be fast here, we need to kill 5 Rainy Rummy within the Brain Drive time limit so use any nearby objects to help you
  • Once those are all dead, we can now quickly return back to the Rainy Rummy that we ran past earlier. This is why I told you to ignore them up until now. We should only need the single Rainy Rummy now though.
  • Defeating the Rainy Rummy here, as said before, should be enough to fulfil the side quest objective


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