Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem – General Brand’s Audio Logs (Traitor’s Tale) Locations Guide

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One of the unlockable trophies within Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is Traitor’s Tale. This requires players to collect all of General Brand’s Audio Logs. There is a total of 2 audio logs to find

This trophy achievement can be unlocked during Chapter 4 – Roadside Picnic. It will require you to travel through the tunnels and activating the Alpha and Omega mission.

Head to Chapter 4 – Roadside Picnic and activate the Alpha and Omega optional mission. Then follow the objective over the wooden bridge and past the tractor

When you reach the Hoverboard Scooter, we will then be instructed to examine what is down the road. This will take us to a tunnel.

Head inside the tunnel and shortly after entering there will be a box to the left with the first audio log (1/2 Audio Logs)

Continue to follow the quest marker and head right down a red flashing area, keep going and follow the steps us towards the marker.

Hop inside the tunnels and ride down to the lower level, keep following the marker up the ladder and through the door. The final audio log can be found on the next box nearby (2/2 Audio Logs)


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