(SH3) Shenmue III : Heartbreak Kung Fu (Side Quest) Guide

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There are many different side quests within Shenmue III, one of which is Heartbreak Kung Fu. This involves a young man whom is in love with another woman and doesn’t dare ask her out and thus Ryo is now left to do the dirty work.

This quest is available in Bailu and will probably only be available once you are able to search the Sunflower area and Xu’s house.

Okay so basically this quest involves a lot of running around to the same location and back. The woman who this guy is in love with is Wei Zhen who resides at the Sunflower area, she is often found practising her martial arts.

Up on talking to her she will want to spar with you, you need to defeat her in order to progress. Thus, if you loose then you are going to have to retry. 

Once you have managed to defeat her, she will admit that she cannot love another man who is too afraid to admit his feelings face to face, this is not good news for poor Yang Wenliang. Thus return to Yang and tell him the news, he will be displeased but in a way he will also accept it too.

Now return back to Wei Zhen in order to complete this quest. 

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