(SH3) Shenmue III – Story Quest (DLC) : Delicious Shaomai (Crab Shaomai Chawan Sign) Guide

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The Shenmue III – Story Quest Quest (DLC) Trophy Achievement : Delicious Shaomai requires you to acquire Crab Shaomai with Chawan Sign

Now before we begin please be aware that this is indeed missable and that you will need to be at a specific part of the dlc story in order to achieve it, it also requires you to be at a specific location too.

Okay let us begin, it is quite a simple achievement that requires you to play about with cups and making Chawan Signs, which if you have played this dlc you will no doubt by now know all about those. 

So here is the information you are looking for:

LOCATION: Crazy Dim Sum
STORY: ‘I was given a new Chawan Sign paper. I should use this to gather info on the Blue Spiders.’

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