Shenmue Remaster : How To Unlock Practise Makes Perfect (Kung Fu Fuku-San) Guide

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Here is a guide on how to unlock the Practise Makes Perfect trophy/achievement which requires you to train Kung Fu with Fuku-San.
Now this one has reportedly been rather buggy and it did take us an attempt or two to pull it off, however with patience it can be done and here is how..

Now this one we couldn’t seem to unlock until we where at a certain part in the story (when we where sent to hunt down Warehouse 8) 
During this point we returned to the Dojo in order to find Fuku-San in there, now if you chose to speak to him he should ask to spare with him at which you chose to accept and this will unlock the trophy/achievement.
However sometimes this doesn’t trigger for some reason and to conquer that issue we opted to sit and wait until the next day.
During the following day we chose to speak to Fuku-San once again and he thankfully chose to spare with us. It may take a couple of in-game days to pull off, for us it only took until the following day.
I did not progress with the story, instead I chose a lazy method and idled and let the game play to itself whilst I did some much needed house chores instead.

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