Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – For The Birds (100% Case Walkthrough) Guide

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This page will be focusing on providing a detailed walkthrough for the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, For The Birds optional side casewhich starts at The Silver Mines Monument

I will be trying to cover as much of the side case as possible, from collecting all evidence to unlocking any potential missable trophies and achievements.

  • LOCATION: The Silver Mines Monument
  • REWARDS: The Silver Canary update, 15 coins
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to The Silver Mines Monument and pin The Silver Mines Monument evidence
  • From there you should be able to spot an enclosed bird cage by the rail track, interact with it and we will now need to scan it for clues
  • The clues you need to find are; the cage itself (Miner’s Canary), cage plaque, and damaged latticework
  • We will now need to ask around if anyone knows anything regarding the stolen bird
  • If you ask people around here you will quickly realise that they are not too friendly and refuse to give an answer, so instead, head down the path a bit and talk to the guy standing next to the building.
  • We will now receive The Story of the Silver Canary
  • (NOTE: The man will not speak to you unless you are wearing the Worker’s Apron outfit)
  • Now head to Flowers of Good by Eel St
  • When you arrive at the Flowers of Good, there will be two men standing talking to each other, eavesdrop on them and it will be time to point out key words
  • The words you want to keep are; What happened to the canary, and why? – Thrown into the Sea, Lost his family, Stole the canary, and Poverty in Miner’s End
  • We should then get the Miner’s Mourning evidence


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