Sniper Elite 5 – Destroy Möller’s Shiny New Car (It’ll Buff Right Out) Guide

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One of the many trophy achievements that players can unlock within Sniper Elite 5 is It’ll Buff Right Out. This requires the player to destroy Möller’s shiny new car.

It is quite a simple task and, one in which can be done relatively early on.

The It’ll Buff Right Out trophy achievement can be done as early as mission 2 – Occupied Residence. During this mission you will be tasked with ‘Find Möller’s Office’

This mission objective will take you to a large building. This large building will be surrounded by German enemy targets and, more importantly, it will also be where we can find Möller’s Office.

Outside of this building, to be more precise, in the courtyard there will be a bunch of vehicles.

Now if we take a look at these vehicles there will be one that stands out rather well compared to the other vehicles here. This vehicle will not have a rooftop and it will be blue in colour, it will also have a German Nazi flag attached to it too.

When you manage to successfully find this vehicle, what you will want to do is destroy it. Make it blow up. Create your own firework show!

Use whatever you have in your arsenal. Have fun!


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