Solasta: Crown Of The Magister – Temple Puzzle (Temple Of The Lost Gods) Guide

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As you explore the Temple of the Lost Gods side quest you will inevitably run into this puzzle. In this puzzle you will be given a set of symbols on the wall and a grid that you can stand in, your job is to replicate the symbols onto the grid. Doing so will unlock the door and allow you to proceed.

However, it is rather a tricky puzzle despite sounding like a bit of a cake walk in actual fact it isn’t. For this particular puzzle you are forced to stay on the grid at all times otherwise you will have to redo it all over again

Here is how to solve this one..

  • After passing through the Mist you will finally arrive at the temple door, however and to perhaps no real surprise the doors are closed. The only way to open the temple door is to solve a puzzle involving a grid and some symbols on the wall.
  • As mentioned above you will need to replicate these symbols onto the grid, however there is actually a certain order that you will need to follow in order to solve this puzzle
  • Start off by placing a character (doesn’t matter who) onto the middle panel
  • Then placing a character (again doesn’t matter who) on the panel under them
  • The next character needs to then stand next to the first character, so basically the middle right panel
  • Finally get a fourth character (doesn’t matter who) and place them under the last one.
  • You should of now made a lovely little square shape. Now if you look at the symbols on the wall you should notice that this is a symbol we needed to make, not only that but this particular symbol is now lit up too. One down 5 more to go
  • Now this is where things get a little more trickier. Click on the character that is not currently on a panel, leave everyone else in their position otherwise if you leave the grid or ruin the pattern in anyway you will have to restart. Anyway using the character that is not currently on a panel take them and place them on the top middle panel
  • Now take the character that is on the bottom middle panel and take them off the grid, don’t worry you will not have to restart despite rearranging the shape a little bit. If you look at the wall you will now notice that our second symbol is now lit up. That concludes our second one.
  • Here you will want to take the character on the top middle panel and place them on the left middle panel. This concludes yet another one, remember do NOT move anyone else
  • Now move the character on the bottom right panel to the bottom middle panel to light up yet another symbol on the wall
  • For this next move you will now want to move the character in the middle of the grid to the top middle panel. This concludes yet another symbol on the wall
  • Now remember the character that I told you to move off the grid completely? I bet they feel terrible right now just standing there being the odd one out. Well it is now their turn to make a move
  • Place this lonely little character back onto the grid and more specifically onto the top left panel, this should hopefully complete the puzzle


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