Star Ocean Integrity & Faithlessness : Crafting – How To Kill Scumbags! (Scumbag Weapon) (Guide)

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When you have progressed enough in the game you will be taught how to craft items and equipment. There are tons of different materials that you can craft and one such item that you can craft is a Scumbag Weapon

This weapon is great for level grinding in the‘Maze Of Tribulations’. Scumbags give you a huge boost in EXP and are great for level grinding during the later parts of the game

In order to create a Scumbag Weapon you will need the following ingredients;

  • Geral Secretion: The Slime type enemies are found in Trei-Kur Dunes
    Peryton Droppings: Can be dropped from various different enemies in the ‘Eihieds’ area
    Mana Cloth: The ‘Melusine’ (enemies on those moon type things) drop these. The Melusins can be found in Maze Of Tribulations or Cathederal Of Oblivion
    Faerie Embroidery Thread: Dropped from the ‘Scumbags’ in the Maze Of Tribulations 
  • Meteorite: Can drop from ‘Dinosaurus’ from Sohma (though it can be a rare drop)

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