The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes – All Pictures Collectibles (Chapter – Pazuzu) Guide

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One of the many collectibles within The Dark Pictures Anthology: House Of Ashes is the Pictures. These provide players with a brief description of what is to come within the next few chapters.

There is a total of 13 Pictures to be found and below is a simple guide on how to find them

This page will be focusing on the Chapter – Pazuzu


  • PICTURE: Daylight
  • CHARACTER: Salim
  • GUIDE:
  • When Salim wakes up after his fall into the underground. Continue on as normal
  • After the scene, head up the stairs but stop before going down the next set of stairs and progressing with the story
  • Here there will be a section to the left, the picture can be found here


  • PICTURE: Fallen
  • GUIDE:
  • As Eric you will be teamed with Rachel, lower yourself further into the caves. Then continue to follow the path
  • However, as you continue you will come across a fork in the path. Here head right.
  • The picture can be found in a dead end



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