The Outer Worlds : The Distress Signal (Side Quest) Guide

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The Distress Signal is a side quest that can be obtained by talking to GLADYS at GroundBreaker. 

Turns out someone over at Tera 2 needs help and we need to investigate!

After speaking with GLADYS, you will then want to return to your Ship in order to play the Distress call. From there you can navigate yourself to Terra 2 (Roseway) and speak to Anton Crane who funnily enough now wants to cancel the Distress call. However, despite that some other quests also open up to us at this point. 

The GLADYS evidence that you can locate are:

Blue Prints (Orson Shaw)
Experimental Data (Vaughn Cortes)
Jamieson – He can also be found within this quest too

It is up to you what order you do these tasks in and whether you return the blue prints and experimental data or sell them to GLADYS. 

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