The Quarry – All 5 Collectibles (Prologue Chapter) Locations Guide

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The Quarry has many different available collectibles for you to find throughout the game. Each chapter will feature a set amount of collectibles. The Quarry has a total of 10 chapters altogether, including a chapter prologue.

These hidden collectibles include Tarot Cards, Clues, and Evidence. Getting them all will net you with the following trophies and achievements; Decked Out, Forewarned is Forewarned, Meddling Kids!, It’s All Coming Together, What’s This?, Conspiracy Theorist, and The Truth Is Out There

This specific page will be focused on finding the collectibles throughout the Prologue Chapter. There are a total of 5 collectibles to find within this chapter

TYPE: Tarot Card
LOCATION: Prologue Woods
DESCRIPTION: The Fool… I wonder who this is? We all know a fool when we see one. Don’t we? Innocence and freedom? Or recklessness and risk-taking? Spontaneity… Actions without thought, but the consequences to match. Think. Think and don’t get burnt.
GUIDE: You can get this first collectible after the car accident scene, where you will be playing as Laura. Here make your way through the forest and you should be able to find this card

TYPE: Freakshow Fire Clue #1
COLLECTIBLE: Harum Scarum Poster
LOCATION: Prologue Woods
GUIDE: You can find this one in the woods. It can be found on a tree.

TYPE: Freakshow Fire Clue #2
COLLECTIBLE: Escapology Trunk
LOCATION: Prologue Woods
GUIDE: From the last fire clue continue to follow the path around to the right. At the junction turn and head left. The clue is inside the trunk at the end of the path.

TYPE: Freakshow Fire Clue #3
LOCATION: Prologue Woods
GUIDE: Return to the junction and this time take the path leading to the right. Continue right. Here Laura will find the remains of a damage cage.

TYPE: Camp History Clue #1
COLLECTIBLE: Bloodied Collar
LOCATION: Prologue Lodge Storm Shelter
GUIDE: This final one is actually story related. You will come across a white collar with the name ‘Ian’ written on.

NEXT CHAPTER: Chapter 1 – Hackett’s Quarry Forever!


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