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Field Research is a Side Case Quest which takes players to various different places in search of certain outcomes. The Side Case is given by the Doctor in the Hospital
The Doctor has evidence that people are going missing and giant Monsters are appearing. But why and how?


This one will take you to Salvation Harbour. To investigate on a potential Suicide. 

Now there will be quite a few items to collect in order to fully 100% the area.

1) Suicide Note – In the Basement. Near the body
2) Hospital Response Note – At Basement entrance
3) Shop Owner’s Notes – Behind the Bar Counter
4) Blood Stains – Next to the Shop Owner’s Notes
5) Medical Equipment – On the Bar Counter
6) Body – In the Basement

Seems the guy did indeed Suicide due to the fact he kept having these eerie dreams that where taking over and he couldn’t not take it any longer.


Your next objective is to head for the Shop. 

This area is only accessible via a boat. Look for a damaged hole in the wall. Also, watch out as several monsters lurk in here too.


1) Secret Book – On the table next to the bed. Ground Floor
2) Rocking Horse. Near the Secret Book
3) Bed Stain. Ground Floor. Use Mind’s Eye to see the image (Seems like a Monster stalked her in her sleep)
4) Slime. Second Floor. On Floor (Ooze Sample)
5) Kitchen Plates. Second Floor. Eew disguisting

The Blue Cloud will now appear and you will need to work out what exactly happened. The correct order is as follows:

1) The Monster approaching the sleeping woman
2) The Kitchen argument
3) The infection gets worse

Turns out the monsters appeared from the Basement and infected the family. 

Now return to the Doctor in Hospital of St Mary. He will reward you for your trouble and give you yet more work. Thus this Case is not yet fully solved.


The location you now need is in Reed Heights, Ward Street. Look for a Shop with ‘Booth & Shoes’ or something along those lines (see above image)

The Giant Monster is in the Basement, so watch out! Also it WILL explode when it dies too which can cause damage.


1) Cultist Letter – On Bar Counter
2) Slime – Basement. Near Sheets (Ooze Sample)
3) Mother’s Grace Book – Basement. Table
4) Bags – First Floor. Near Basement Stairs.

Okay time to conclude the investigation..

1) Bringing in the body
2) Throwing the body into the Basement
3) Monster eating the body

Turns out that the Cultists where throwing bodies into the Basement. Which eventually formed into a Huge Monster. 
​So yes the monster you probably just killed was the result of this!


The final place of investigation is in Reed Heights, Willow Lane.

There will be monsters here as you enter, so watch yourself!


1) Staff Needed Newspaper – On the table. Ground Floor
2) Formal Invitation – Bar Counter
3) Hammer – Behind Counter. Examine for blood. Still fresh? uh-oh!
4) Mysterious Disappearance Newspaper – Table. Second Floor

Now climb the small Rail behind the Bar Counter, this will give you access to the Basement since the actual door is locked.
Watch out though as an armed man will be in here too.


5) Kitchen Utensils – Basement Table
6) Body parts – Tub. Basement
7) Recipe – Next to dead body. Sick
8) Anthropophagia Note – Table
9) Dog Bowl – Use your Mind’s Eye on this to see a disturbing image

You should now have 100% of the evidence and thus you can once again return to the Doctor. This will end the Case. The end option does not matter and your rewards are not effected either way.

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