Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – A Farmer’s Ardor (Side Quest) Guide

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A Farmer’s Ardor is one of the many side quests that can be found and completed within Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

You can initiate this specific side quest by speaking with Flora

SIDE QUEST: A Farmer’s Ardor
LOCATION: Queen’s Gate

This side quest will become available after you have eliminated the Goblins in the Garden. Flora will not be happy with you for having done so.

Flora will end up giving you some flowers that you will then need to give to Alma, just ring her doorbell and she will exit her building.

Now head up the hill a little bit, to the west, and across the bridge to the north east. Here we will find a cave, head inside. We will then be entering The Rampant Parts.

Head through The Rampant Parts and you will come across a mini-boss known as Grimble. Defeat Grimble the Stinky.

Grimble the Stinky will end up dropping the dankiest goblin loincloth.

Whilst one of the Goblin Runts will drop the goblin loincloth and the stinkiest loincloth can be found next to the doorway.

Give all of the loincloths to Flora.

Flora will then summon Glornesh and we will need to head to the large catapult to the east of Glornesh. Once at the catapult jump on to it and aim for the target to repel yourself into the air. We will now be at Honor’s Tower

Head inside the tower and watch out for the traps. After dealing with the door guardian a secret door will then open revealing the Polka Dot Dye

Use the catapult to return back to Flora

Our next objective is to collect Bard Tongues, which you can find marked on the map. Just north east of Flora. In a dead end area known as the Graveyard of Lost Bards. You can find the bard tongues by eliminating the Zombie Bard.

Return to Flora and watch her work once again. Then report to Alma


  • Take Flowers
  • Return to Alma
  • Give Flowers
  • Find Goblin Loincloth
  • Find The Stinkiest Loincloth
  • Find The Dankiest Goblin Loincloth
  • Kill Grimble
  • Give Loincloth To Flora
  • Watch Flora Work
  • Obtain Polka Dot Dye
  • Give Dye To Flora
  • Watch Flora Work
  • Collect Bard Tongues 5/5
  • Give Tongues To Flora
  • Watch Flora Work
  • Return To Alma
  • Follow Alma
  • Talk To Flora


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