(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Acerbic Tomato Pizza (Recipe – Ashen Chef-Alier) Guide

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There are multiple recipes scattered throughout the game, and if you manage to find and collect them all you will be able to unlock the trophy achievement Ashen Chef-Alier

Each recipe comes with required ingredients and all of which have only one character that can cook perfect dishes of said recipe

This specific page covers the Acerbic Tomato Pizza recipe

  • RECIPE: Acerbic Tomato Pizza
  • DATE: 8/10 – Thursday
  • LOCATION: Noce Rest Lodge (Old Lamare Road 1)
  • BEST COOK: Fie


  • This specific recipe can be found in Old Lamare Road 1 and more specifically inside the Noce Rest Lodge
  • Edel will sell this recipe for 1,100 Mira
  • The date that you can purchase it on is 8/10 – Thursday


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