(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Cedric’s Forces (Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 40 Turns) Guide

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Just like with past Trails Of Cold Steel games, some enemies have the ability to rewards you with bonus added AP.

Though getting the actual AP is of course optional, if you are looking to get the highest score possible for each chapter you will need to try and get as much AP as possible. As AP accumulates as you continue through the chapter and depending on how much you accumulate counts towards the score you end up getting at the end of each chapter

AP are often obtained through completing side quests and of course facing certain boss fights.

One such boss is Cedric’s Forces (Crown Prince Cedric, Shirley The Ogre, Ada and Fritz)

  • TASK: Cedric’s Forces (Crown Prince Cedric, Shirley The Ogre, Ada and Fritz)
  • LOCATION: Osgiliath Basin
  • CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/10 – Thursday
  • REQUIREMENT: Reduce the enemy’s HP to a certain amount within 40 turns!


  • This one can be rather tight and perhaps difficult too. The reason for this is because there is quite a few opponents here and if you plan on nabbing the ‘Scanning all enemies’ trophy achievement then you will also need to do this too, all of which will count towards that 40 turn limit.

So make sure that before even starting this battle that you are ready. By this I mean starting off by making sure you have at least a minimum of 3 BP and enough CP to pull off your S-Crafts.

Then as soon as the battle begins, start off by scanning your enemies (if need be). Then activate the Crazy Hunt Order and immediately follow that with your S-Craft abilities, this should easily kill off the weaker foes and do some serious damage to the other two. Then it should be a simple finish for the rest of the fight.


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