(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Draco Shrine Exploration (Side Quest – Wings Of Hope)

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The Draco Shrine Exploration side quest is one of many available side quests found throughout Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The quest is available during Act/Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII

It involves having to explore Draco Shrine

  • QUEST NAME: Draco Shrine Exploration
  • CHAPTER/ACT: Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/7 – Monday
  • LOCATION: Old Agria Road – Draco Shrine
  • TERM: S
  • CLIENT: —–
  • You can start and complete this quest when the game notifies you of being able to explore Titus Gate. However, instead of heading to Parm Byroad, you can now take a small detour to Old Agria Road
  • Draco Shrine can be located to the North West of Old Agria Road.
  • Simply explore the Shrine in order to start and complete the quest. For a full list of the various treasure chest locations within the Shrine go here
  • At the end of the Shrine you will come across a boss known as Stone Domina. This boss can cast Petrification on your party and thus you will need to be ready for that. Otherwise, the boss should not be too difficult.


  • 2000 Mira
  • Thor’s Unity Rating Increased
  • 4 AP


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