(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Moonlight Mandrake Special (Side Quest – Wings Of Hope)

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The Moonlight Mandrake Special side quest is one of many available side quests found throughout Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The quest is available during Act/Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII

It involves having to find a Mandrake in order to create a Soup dish

  • QUEST NAME: Moonlight Mandrake Special
  • CHAPTER/ACT: Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/9 – Wednesday
  • LOCATION: Lux Lunae Inn (Eryn Village)
  • TERM: S
  • CLIENT: Liese
  • During 8/9 – Wednesday which will be classed as a Rest Day head on over to Lux Lunae Inn (Eryn Village)
  • Here speak to Liese
  • You will now learn that she needs an ingredients known as a Mandrake. Accept to get the ingredient for her
  • Now in order to proceed you will need to head to Saint-Gral Labyrinth 2
  • Whilst in the Labyrinth try and hunt down a red monster known as a Blood Monad
  • Blood Monad enemies are known to drop these Mandrakes
  • After getting the needed Mandrake return back to Liese in order to complete the quest


  • Effort Quartz
  • 2500 Mira
  • Thor’s Unity Rating Increased
  • 4 AP


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