(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – NML Survey (Side Quest – Wings Of Hope)

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The NML Survey side quest is one of many available side quests found throughout Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The quest is available during Act/Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII

It involves trying to help fill out a survey regarding the National Mobilization Law

  • QUEST NAME: NML Survey
  • CHAPTER/ACT: Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/15 – Tuesday
  • LOCATION: Crossbell City – West Street (CNS Temp Office)
  • TERM: —-
  • CLIENT: Crossbell News Service
  • REWARDS: 4000 Mira, 4AP, Grace Lynn Profile (Update 1), Gladiator Belt
  • You can activate this specific side quest on the 8/15 – Tuesday.
  • Head to the CNS Temp Office at Crossbell City – West Street in order to speak to Reporter Grace
  • Grace will let you know about a survey that she wants help with regarding the National Mobilization Law
  • Your task now is to go ahead and speak to several citizens of Crossbell and get their opinion of the new Law and if they approve of it or not.
  • The following people are the ones you need to talk to;
  • Lenalee, Pruna, Ralph – Central Square
  • Anne, Ronald – East Street
  • Barker Pym, Eris, Ramanda – Entertainment District
  • Bishop, Ozelle – Crossbell Harbor
  • Keep in mind that these characters tend to run around in and out of the area, so if that happens just wait for them to return. They are all marked on your map
  • After successfully speaking to them all you will automatically return back to Grace and the quest will then end


Reporter Grace is putting together an article regarding the National Mobilization Law. She needs some help interviewing Crossbell citizens and asking their opinions on the matter

There’s not a lot in it for us, but good work is its own reward, right?


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