(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Regulus Zamiel (Cryptid Boss – Leanan’s Kiss Lost Arts) Guide

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The Cryptid are considered as optional bosses that appear in the game from Chapter Act 2 onwards, they are very powerful but they are also useful too

When you defeat them they will drop a specific Lost Art which can be used through the orbment, their drawback is that they have the ability to consume your entire EP. However, each Lost Art comes with its own elemental ability and can be very deadly to foes and useful for you. Keep in mind though that they can only be used once per battle and can only be set to three out of seven elemental slots

This specific page is focused on defeating Regulus Zamiel who drops the Leanan’s Kiss Lost Art. There is a total of 5 Cryptid bosses to be found and defeated throughout the game

  • CRYPTID BOSS: Regulus Zamiel
  • HP: 299403
  • DROPS: Brave Seed, Leanan’s Kiss (Lost Art)
  • LOCATION: Bryonia Island
  • DETAILS: Magic Knight imbued with ancient power. Dispatches foes with it’s sword, overpowering arts, or simply under hoof
  • Regulus Zamiel isn’t too bad but it also isn’t the weakest one out of the Cryptid neither so you need to be careful.
  • My choice of party setup for this particular fight was Rean, Jusis, Musse and Altina
  • I basically used Altina as a support healer and spammed her Artium Heal ability which can heal your entire party and restore CP, very nice ability to have
  • Jusis is needed purely due to his Platinum Shield ability which can make characters immune to most of Zamiel’s attacks. Just make sure your party stays as close to each other as possible
  • As for Rean he was my main attacker due to his Demon Unchained ability which can increase his strength (L) so basically by quite a bit. Thus every time he managed to reach 200CP I initiated Noble Ark followed by Demon Unchained for full maximum damage
  • Finally for Musse, Zamiel is weak to Water based attacks and thus Musse enjoyed throwing water at him. So use Arts Celebration and cast water attacks when possible. She can also be used to help Altina heal the party too
  • Regulus Zamiel has quite a lot of HP to deal with and thus the fight may take a while but he mainly just uses melee attacks
  • The most dangerous attack and ones to watch out for is Seventh Calibur which hits all of your party and can instantly kill them if you are not careful.
  • Otherwise it is a straight and simple fight, just keep your CP and Platinum Shield up because not even Seventh Calibur can break through that


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