(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Repelled Lechter, Campanella & Sharon (Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 40 Turns) Guide

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Just like with past Trails Of Cold Steel games, some enemies have the ability to rewards you with bonus added AP.

Though getting the actual AP is of course optional, if you are looking to get the highest score possible for each chapter you will need to try and get as much AP as possible. As AP accumulates as you continue through the chapter and depending on how much you accumulate counts towards the score you end up getting at the end of each chapter

AP are often obtained through completing side quests and of course facing certain boss fights.

One such boss is Lechter, Campanella and Sharon (Who you need to defeat within 40 turns)

  • TASK: Repel Lechter, Campanella and Sharon
  • LOCATION: Lake Elm Wetlands
  • CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 15/8
  • REQUIREMENT: Reduce the enemy’s HP to a certain amount within 40 turns!


Though you are up against some serious competition here with Campanella and Sharon, this fight is actually quite easy in all honesty.

The moves you want to watch out for are Laevateinn (which can cause status affects such as causing your companions to fall asleep) and Umbral Butterflies (which can cause instant death)

So make sure to come into the fight with full CP and preferably full BP too in order to make this fight easier, then trigger Crazy Hunt and just unleash your CP attacks. Having Musse in your party can also help in terms of healing anyone with status ailments and of course reviving any downed team members too.


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