(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Repelled Osborne & Arianrhod (Bonus AP – Full Max 10 AP) Guide

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Just like with past Trails Of Cold Steel games, some enemies have the ability to rewards you with bonus added AP.

Though getting the actual AP is of course optional, if you are looking to get the highest score possible for each chapter you will need to try and get as much AP as possible. As AP accumulates as you continue through the chapter and depending on how much you accumulate counts towards the score you end up getting at the end of each chapter

AP are often obtained through completing side quests and of course facing certain boss fights.

One such boss is Osborne and Arianrhod

  • TASK: Repel Osborne and Arianrhod
  • LOCATION: Black Workshop
  • CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 15/8
  • REQUIREMENT: Reduce both Chancellor Osborne and Arianrhod the Steel Maiden’s HP to a certain amount


This particular fight is a bit different from the previous ones, due to this you can actually miss out on the full 10AP and end up with only getting 5AP instead.

The reason for this is because if you only manage to eliminate one of them then your rewards are basically halved. So in order to get the full 10AP you need to knock them both down, thus you need to keep an eye on their health and try to keep them in equal health before wiping them both out.

As expected with these types of characters in particular they do indeed hit hard, especially Osborne. He will be your main threat for this fight and he is also the one with the most health too.

Osborne has the ability to cast status ailments on your team such as sleep and confusion, his ultimate moves such as Atropos Blade can also cause an instant wipeout and game over too.

Since you don’t get to save before this fight or be able to sort out your gear it is best to prepare for this battle before facing ???

Then start the fight using your CP attacks as the game does give you maximum CP before the fight which is useful. Use your Order abilities to increase your damage too if you want. However, keep in mind that as said before these guys do hit hard so if you want to use your Orders then be sure to keep a few BP remaining to be used instead of using it all in one go.

Then after your burst of CP attacks, instantly switch to using the Iron Will order in order to reduce the incoming damage.

Keep building on your BP and CP and then once both Osborne and Arianrhod are close to reaching the health reduction limit once again use BP to increase your attack and do a burst of CP attacks on them. Hopefully that will be enough.


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